Creating new pieces of music, performance, literature, and illustrated documentation in response to the history of slavery in North America - a reach back through nearly 5 centuries - while riding bicycles over 3,000 miles along the Underground Railroad Trail.

"Talking with Ghosts About Freedom" is a project tying threads between the history of enslaved Africans and their passage towards emancipation, the culture they have bestowed upon the nation and the earth they tilled and fled over.

Starting in Mobile, Alabama and shooting 2,007 miles north to Owen Sound, Ontario the Underground Railroad Trail runs predominantly alongside water courses and crosses 6 state lines; bridging Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario.

The artistic goals of the project are to create new pieces of music, literature, performance and illustrated documentation in effort to sustain and foster interest in African American heritage as a response to research and the study of the enslavement of Africans in America; the process and experiences of enslavement and the enslaved and the phenomenally intricate and courageous escape of an estimated one hundred thousand Africans and African-Americans. Essential to this project is the intimate engagement in outdoor recreation in the natural world which, as it currently exists, is very exclusive to people (especially women) of color.