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Although Lil Pump is not of age to have ever really went to Harvard, he is, in truth, a dropout." When he was 16, pump was expelled from all public schools within his district. In one occurrence, he prompted a substantial riot that, according to Pump, caused helicopters and K-9 units to arrive. Pump then began participating in an opportunity school, but he eventually left in the 10th grade.

Remaining pertinent nearly solely from his foolishness on social networks, Lil Pump is as high up in the ranks as Tekashi 6ix9ine when it concerns youngest troll in the rap video game. While he might not have gone 7 for 7 like 6ix9ine on the Billboard charts, Pump has "Gucci Gang" and "Esskeetit" to thank for much of his financial success. As he prepares to read his very first book, getting The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, Pump has offered an upgrade on his upcoming mixtape Harvard Dropout, offering his fans a more concrete concept of when they can expect Pump to be screaming in their ears next.

The replies to his tweet rapidly with the normal selection of gifs, memes, and snarky remarks. Certainly, some concurred while other exposed shock or amusement at the concept that Lil Pump may be thought about a lyrical rap artist. While it holds true that tunes like Gucci Gang" and Butterfly Doors" do not always show a whole lot of intricacy, there's no informing what else he has in his bag. With his launching album coming out February 22, he's got at least a little time delegated attempt to show himself right. Up till then, delight in a few of the replies to his boast noted below.

Lil Pump's been teasing his Harvard Dropout tape for a minute at this moment and fans have actually been eagerly waiting on his to release it. It seems like the rapper continues to state that it will drop "next month," although it's yet to surface. Thankfully, he seems to have a release date locked down and he plans to drop the task for his fans as a birthday gift.

Love him or hate him, Lil Pump has had himself quite the last few months. His hit single "Gucci Gang" has actually reached platinum status, he's been immortalized in Saturday Night Light sketch infamy, and even has DJ Khaled and Gucci Hair eager to sign him to a new record deal. Now, the 17-year old Miami rapper has brand-new music en route, a mixtape titled Harvard Dropout.

After a year filled with legal problems, Lil Pump is returning to 2019 with new music he has actually been teasing thinking about that August 2018. The date of his sophomore album has really been pressed back a variety of times, and in lieu of his past concerns he dealt with to put out I Love It" including Kanye, which brought out diverse visuals that instantly went viral. The tune made its introducing back in September, and stayed around for rather some time.

Meek Mill strolled himself into amongst music's highest honors by making his launching on the Saturday Night Live stage. Bringing crowd-loved tracks from his Champions album, the 31-year-old hit an extraordinary three-piece combination for his first set on the late-night variety program. Rap artist Lil Pump revealed on Twitter on Wednesday that his long-awaited, even longer delayed album Harverd Dropout" is finally going to drop next month, unless Pump OD's over gets locked up once again.